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Natural Volume Lash Extensions

Before you decide to get lash extensions, it's a good idea to research the place you choose to go to. I highly recommend choosing a private lash studio owned by someone skilled in lash extensions. Why you might ask? Well a franchise will not give you as much time, dedication or skill to applying your lash extensions. To be frank, you're another number and you definitely won't get as much attention to detail or precision. Time is pushed in these types of places. A lot of times, lash artists are just starting out and to be honest, they're practicing on you.

Did you know in Georgia in order to do lash extensions a person must be a licensed Esthetician? Also, how much training or skills does the person you go to have?

The best lash extensions take time to apply and someone knowledgeable in lash artistry. This is so you do not end up with damaged eyelashes. I have been applying lash extensions professionally since 2015. I'm also state board certified, a licensed Esthetician in the state of Georgia. I know all about safety and sterilization. The best lash extensions should leave your lashes in tact, healthy and give you the look you're going for. None of them should be stuck together and size variation and texture is a factor. Make sure you choose someone who has been applying lashes for a while.

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