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Our lash extensions are customized for your eyes. True custom individual lash extensions take time and skill to place each lash correctly. We use high quality products, artistry & professional technique to give you the most beautiful healthy lash extensions.  Scroll through to see the different type of styles.

Luxury Lash Extensions



Beautiful lashes, expertly placed, on a budget and save time? Sign. Me. Up! The Express Set is done within 1 hour, we fill as many lashes as we can within that hour time frame. Express Refills are based on 30 or 45 minute time increments. We will refill what we can within those time parameters. We offer classic, hybrid or volume for our Express Sets and Refills (Does not include Ultimate Mega Volume). We use Ultra Luxurious Pre-made Volume Fans for Hybrid and Volume Express Sets.

**Our Regular Hour Fills take much more time and customization bc we hand-make our volume fans as we go.



Classic               $89         (Reg. $125)

Hybrid               $99         (Reg. $135)

Volume              $109       (Reg. $145)


                         30 MIN        45 MIN

Classic               $45             $65

Hybrid               $45             $65

Volume              $45             $65


What separates the custom lash extensions from the Express Sets? More artistry/skill/customization. Express sets use pre-made luxury fans, which are beautiful as well but these are more customized. Volume fans in the hybrid and volume sets are literally made by hand to suite your lashes. They can be more customized for each individuals lash. There is nothing more customized or luxurious in lash extensions. They take a little more skill and artistry to perfect. The end result is nothing but gorgeous and ultra luxurious.

 C L A S S I C

Single lash extensions made of silk placed on each individual eyelash. Best set to try if you are new to lash extensions. Gives a look of mascara, but much more clean, no clumping here.

Full Set (1.5 hour)     $199

      60 min (2-4 wk)         $75      

 H Y B R I D

Single silk lash extensions mixed/blended  in with faux mink handmade volume fans. Custom to clients preference.

Provides fuller look to lashes. The next step up from Classic lashes.

Full Set (2 hrs)               $260

60 min(2-3 wk)                $80

75 min (2-3wk)                $90

90 min (3-4 wk)              $100

 V O L U M E 

More of a natural set of volume. These are lightweight soft 2-7 d lashes are hand made one by one into a little fan and custom to suit your lashes. Handmade fans are the most luxurious faux mink lashes around, it takes true artistry, skill and provides a more full lash line.

Full Set (2-2.5 hr)                $300

60 min (2-3 wk)                    $90

75 min (2-3wk)                    $100

90 min (3-4 wk)                    $110

U L T I M A T E   V O L U M E

Ultimate Volume Lashes will give you the most full thick lash line. Also called Mega Volume. These are ultra luxurious hand made very full volume fans customized for your lashes. Gives the darkest most full lash line. The most glamorous custom full lashes you can get.

Full Set (2.5-3.5 hr)     $350

60 min (2-3wk)            $100

75 min (2-3wk)            $110

90 min (3-4wk)            $120

 L A S H  L I F T / P E R M

Great low maintenance option. A lash lift is a perfect alternative to lash extensions. This is a gentle perm that works by curling your lashes with several steps. The process is pain free and gives a beautiful natural look to the lashes. Works the best on longer/thicker natural lashes. Results last anywhere from 6-10 weeks. Does contain some keratin to help

strengthen lashes.

Lash Lift & Tint  (1 hr 10 min)          $100

Lash Lift only (1 hr)                            $90

Lash Tint only (15 min)                      $25


 O T H E R

If you would like your lashes removed please do not attempt at home. Please make an appointment, the process is easy and quick. If you are worried about allergies we have the option of patch testing, this includes placing 5 - 10 lashes per eye and waiting 24 hrs.


Lash Bath (lash artist professionally

cleanse your lashes)                                $10

Chilled Green Tea Hydra

eye pad   (add on)                                   $10

Allergy patch test                                   $25

Lash Removal (15 min)                           $25

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