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Not your average facial and not a cold/clinical in and out treatment. This is a indulgent sensory experience for you to escape the world, relax and unwind. Amore facial treatments not only treat your skin but help you relax into a meditative state. We request all facials are a talk-free zone, questions can be asked of course but talking is preferred to be kept at minimum, this is for you to experience the entire treatment and indulge your senses. Your esthetician will guide you through steps she feels you need to know. All treatments are a type of slow-living indulgent sensorial experience. Customized for you and combining modalities such as aromatherapy, chakra balancing, oracle cards, sound, led light therapy, skin care machine modalities and massage. You should leave feeling refreshed, revived and with glowing skin.

"THE DRUGSTORE" (60 mins) $200

Shocking, scandalous oh my! An Esthetician who uses some drugstore products!? Yes you heard it right, this facial features products you can find at the drugstore or your local grocery and most of these products are completely recommended by dermatologists. Who is this great for? Anyone who absolutely covets their drugstore products and doesn't want to upset their skin barrier or their dermatologist but wants the entire luxurious facial experience!  This facial uses products such as Cerave, The Ordinary and some other brands you can purchase at your local Ulta all combined with our signature luxurious relaxing  facial treatment including warm towels, a hand, arm, decollate massage and other modalities as needed. 

"THE AURA GLOW"  (90 mins) $300

Wind down and escape the outer world, relax, and leave with your aura glowing. Professional grade skincare products will be used to thoroughly cleanse your skin. This facial is completely custom tailored to your skin. We will address any skincare concerns you have. Peach fuzz treatment will be added to smooth out your skin as well as high frequency, led light therapy, and several facial masks. Massage of the face, neck, decollate, hand arm and foot massage added.