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Whether you want more full fluffy full brows with our Brow Lamination Lift Service or just a quick shape up, we have your brow needs covered.

Brow Lovers

 B R O W S

Frame your beautiful eyes with a brow service. Variety of services below.​ Can be made as a stand alone appointment or a add on to another service.

Brow Wax or Tweeze (15 min)     $20

(includes trim if needed)

As Add On Service                            $10


Brow Tint (15 min)                          $20

(includes trim if needed)    

As Add On Service                           $15


The Works (35 min)                        $35 

(shape up, trim, tweeze, wax, tint)

As Add On Service                                $25


Brow LIFT (35 min)                         $75 

Lift your brows! Makes your own brow hair

more fluffy to give you fuller looking brows.

Lasts 6-10 weeks. Does not include Tint.

 W A X I N G

Wax this not that, get those stubborn hairy areas. We use a soothing blend of hard wax for our wax removal.

Chin (15 min)                      $10

Lip (15 min)                        $10


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